Hello Everyone-GPT sites get paid by offering advertising space. Companies and individuals pay GPT sites to run banner and text ads, as well as to display offers for the GPT members to complete. The more traffic a site gets, the more they can charge for their advertising space. This means that GPT sites require a lot of members in order to make money with their advertising. In order to get more members so they can then charge more for their advertising space, they pay their members...that's you!GPT sites aren't scams. Companies want your contact information so they can send you ads, hoping to get your business. GPT sites pay you in return for viewing ads and submitting your information to companies. It's all just business.-------How to Get Started--------Get Organized and Earn More.If you go into GPT sites blindly and just start creating accounts every where and don't get organized, you may earn a few bucks here and there but you won't earn as much as possible.I've learned a lot about how to be successful with GPT sites. Here's a plan mapped out for you so that you can earn the most possible with GPT sites:Create a free email account to use just for the GPT sites. This is a must because the email address you use to complete offers will get spammed. I like to use Google (gmail). Be sure to create an email address that you will remember.
Join a few GPT sites (no more than five until you get the hang of it). Use all of your truthful information (legal name, home address, etc when you register). Use the email address you created in step 1 to register with all the GPT sites and use the same password for every site. You don't want to have trouble logging in because you forgot your email address or password. Be sure to read the FAQ to each site. Some sites require you to "cashout" in order to get paid. Some require you to "submit" offers after you complete them. Be sure you know what each site requires.Bookmark the sites you sign up for so that you can come back to them. I also recommend creating a spreadsheet in Excel of the sites you register with so you can keep up with your earnings.(not mandatory).If you do not yet have a PayPal account, get one now. Many GPT sites pay only via PayPal. Be sure you have the email address you created for the GPT sites added to the PayPal account.After you have all of this in place, start making money. Make enough to cashout with each site and decide which ones you like the most and focus your time and energy on those sites. I prefer to really focus on three at a time.After you're in a rhythm and have it all figured out, start recruiting referrals into your downline on your favorite sites so that you can earn even more.How to Get Offers to Clear.Unlock Your Earning Potential with the Highest Clear Rates Possible
So many people join GPT sites and then get discouraged because all of the offers don't complete. They end up quitting before they even earn enough for their first cash out.
It's important to note that no one has a 100% clear rate. This isn't due to the GPT site, it is the result of the company that paid for the offer to be displayed. Either they failed to pay the GPT site for their advertising space (which means the GPT doesn't have the money to pay you) or the company claimed that you didn't complete the offer correctly. A very normal clear rate for offers on most GPT sites is around 60%. If you have your security settings turned up high on your computer (as I do), you may see a clear rate around 40%. That being said, GPT sites are still an easy and legitimate way to earn money.There are things that you must do in order to get your offers to clear with GPT sites. They are:Clear your cookies before logging in to the GPT site. Clear your cookies after you complete each offer.Keep the final page of the offer up for at least 5 minutes. Even if you complete it correctly, it might not clear if you close it right away.Don't do a ton of offers at once with a particular GPT. My rule of thumb is to do about 10 offers at a time. Then I move on to a different site for a while.Don't forget to "submit." Most GPT sites require you to submit an offer after you complete it.please sign up(NO email confirm) and Bookmark us,GL Smile


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 Payment from GCRewardz - 100% legit

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Payment from GCRewardz - 100% legit  Empty
PostSubject: Payment from GCRewardz - 100% legit    Payment from GCRewardz - 100% legit  EmptyMon Nov 04, 2013 8:32 am

The next payment from this great site! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy 

Payment from GCRewardz - 100% legit  Impb8p

Thank you!
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Payment from GCRewardz - 100% legit
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